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About Us

Your One-Stop Solution for Health Care

Live World Health Tech Private Limited is a premiere health care company based in Pune, India that aims to bring a world-class healthcare experience to India by bridging the gap that exists between Indian health care needs and the online Indian health care domain. As a solution, we bring to you “WHR - World Health Record” – a cloud-based centralized health care and information system that integrates all the medical needs of the patients and the medical service providers like doctors, clinics, chemists, diagnostic labs and hospitals on a single platform.


Our vision its to make healthcare servicecs easier, better and more accessible.


Our mission is to make affordable health care a reality for all.

Available in the form of a mobile application (Android-based and iOS-based) and a web-based software, WHR aims to cater to all the departments of healthcare needs, right from the individual patients to the doctors and the hospitals. Started by a group of highly-ambitious and motivated entrepreneurs who together have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the diverse fields of healthcare industry, medicine, law, management and operations, WHR strives to provide our clients with trustworthy and quality health care services that will change the face of health care industry in the country. We deliver consumer and enterprise software business that will ensure an amazing and seamless health care experience every single time.From patients who are struggling to find the right doctors at affordable prices to doctors who want to expand their customer base and hospitals who want to easily manage their patients and inventory, WHR provides the solutions to all your health queries whatever they maybe.

At WHR, we make sure that we deliver products and services which are not just amazing, but we also ensure that the whole process is an incredible experience for you.