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Are you a doctor and are you looking for ways to increase your patient base? Look no more as World Health Record brings to you the easiest way to get more patients without any stress and expenditure. A cloud-based centralized health care and information system, World Health Record can be your online assistant that manages everything for you and brings you out from the throes of the outdated paper system. To make healthcare a hassle-free experience for the patients and a profitable venture for the medical fraternity without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the health services being provided to the patients, World Health Record brings to you the ultimate system that uses the digital technology at our disposal to give you more power over your medical practice

Once you register yourself on WHR with an account that has your name, email id, mobile number and clinic or establishment name, you can add all the relevant information like your medical registration, fees, timings, speciality and more to help it easier for the millions of the people out there to find their right doctor in you.

Do you frequently have patients that forget to bring that one important medical test report or neglect to tell you about that small operation they had five years back? WHR maintains an online database of a patient’s full medical history with his/her consent to enable you to have all the relevant information at your disposal with a few touches of your smart phone. This ensures that you give the correct diagnosis without missing anything every single time.

With WHR, there is no need to check whether you have already have a patient on Thursday afternoon or not as it acts as your digital personal assistant by scheduling and tracking appointments for you efficiently on the go, ensuring that you do not have over-lapping appointments or too many free time-slots. The emergency feature of the WHR sends an emergency message in case of a crisis to ensure that you are one of the first ones to be informed about any emergency case in your proximity. This ensures timely health care services for the patients and better patient engagement on your part.

With the ground-breaking digital prescription pad, a one-of-a-kind innovation you can write online prescriptions for your patients that are auto-saved in the online database, even if you are on move. You can suggest medical tests and go through the medical diagnostic reports easily with the click of a few buttons. This digital prescription can be viewed by anyone from the patient and the doctor to the chemist and the pathologist, and is very helpful in case the patient is referfed to another doctor. This innovative idea saves a lot of time and money spent on paper work, ensuring efficiency and cost-cutting while making certain that writing a prescription becomes a seamless procedure.

If you find it to too cumbersome and time-taking to do all paper-work and documentation related to your medical practice, WHR is the perfect answer as it efficiently manages your medical practice by storing and maintaining digital patient records. Once you have registered your patients on the WHR, you can use it to follow up on your patients, their routine check-ups and their prescribed course of treatment. This is crucial in ensuring that the patients are getting holistic health service while you have increased earnings due to repeat follow-up interactions.

WHR is radical in bringing all the stakeholders in the health care system together while making certain that doctors are getting their due with an increased customer base and maximised earnings.


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