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Getting a medical test done is in itself a scary thought and then if you add finding the right diagnostic centre for you, it equals to a nightmarish experience for the patient. With dozens of chemists and diagnostic labs mushrooming on every corner of the street, how do you make sure that patients know that your establishment stands out? How do you make sure that you provide quality health care services to your patients at affordable rates? World Health Care, a cloud-based centralized health care and information system, partners up with diagnostic labs, pathologists, chemists and pharmacists to ensure excellent health care every step of the way by offering you a decisive, cloud-based system that uses the digital technology to ensure more profitability and better management system for your establishment.

Once you have registered your establishment with World Health Records, whether it be a diagnostic lab, or a pharmacy, you are listed on the WHR website which enables potential customers to find you easily and book appointments online. The convenience of finding the right diagnostic centre or pharmacy and booking an appointment for a test or ordering medicines, all sitting at the comfort of the home ensures customer retention for your establishment. The app also reduces no-shows by the patients through easy re-scheduling and cancellation of appointments to maintain your efficiency levels. The option of secure online payment gives you the convenience of getting all your due payments cleared in a single click while the feedback feature lets you know how you are faring in the patients department and where you can improve.

The WHR application offers its partners an operation and inventory management system that allows easy management of your establishment without any hassles. From optimizing the level of drugs in your inventory to the methods required for optimizing the ordering process of health care products and pharmaceuticals, WHR takes care of everything in the blink of an eye. Having different user interfaces for the chemists and the diagnostic labs, WHR develops a stock replenishment system which keeps track of the daily record of stock-levels and automatically orders new stock according to your needs. The end goal of this is to ensure that the right product gets delivered to the right place at the lowest price and in the least time possible to ensure maximum earnings for your establishment.

With its digital prescription pad, a one-of-a-kind innovation that lets doctors write digital prescriptions and order medical test for their patients, WHR maintains an online database of the patient’s medical history, prescriptions, and lab test reports, which can be shared securely among the doctors, chemist and pathologists to ensure easy sharing of information. An excellent cost-cutting tool, WHR’s digital prescription pad saves time, paper and ink, all in just one move.

With WHR for your establishment, you would be able to provide your customers a health care experience that would be hard to replicate anywhere else and bring them back to you every single time.

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