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Looking for affordable healthcare?
Now your health is a touch away. You can use the app to book online appointments, get online consultation and call doctors. You will be able to view the consultation fee, the treatment fee, the hospital charges, and the Read More... diagnosis fee? Which would be available to you for a discounted price if you are a service user...Read Less

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Alternative Treatment

Do you want to explore more than one medicinal options? You have the option of choosing from three medicinal routes- Allopathy, Ayurvedic and homeopathy depending upon the effective results for a particular disease in the respective branch of medicine.

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First Aid

Want to learn how to take care of those small cuts and burns? You can learn more about First Aid in the form of text, audios & videos which will help users learn about primary care and how to correctly administer first aid correctly in different situations.

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Don’t want to pay in cash? You can choose to pay online for your consultation charges, the treatment fee, the hospital charges, and the diagnosis fee using the secure payment option in the app.


Health Records

Tired of lugging around scores of medicals files, prescriptions and test reports? You can upload your full medical history on the app which can be accessed from anywhere anytime and make you free from carrying all your prescriptions every time.


Book An Ambulance

Want to book an ambulance in case of a medical emergency? The app provides a list of various nearby ambulance contacts & services. During emergency, the user only needs to press the emergency option and then the app will send you messages to Read More... the designated relatives, nearby doctors and the WHR support team simultaneously...Read Less

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Is finding the right doctor a herculean task for you? Are you tired of waiting in long queues for getting an appointment? Or lugging dozens of files whenever you go to a doctor? World Health Record is the answer to all your medical woes. From booking an appointment for you anytime anywhere in a matter of seconds to getting all your medical prescriptions and test reports at one place, WHR ensures that a visit to the doctor is a hassle-free experience to you. A cloud-based centralized health care and information system, World Health Record is your go-to medical guide for your city. All that you need to do is to register yourself on WHR to create an account and link your WHR account to your Aadhar number to have access to your medical records and history on your phone and laptop.

Finding the right doctor or diagnostic lab has never been easier as WHR enables you to search medical service providers like doctors, clinics or hospitals, diagnostic labs and pharmacists in and around your current location. No need to go doctor-hunting!

With the press of a few buttons, you can book guaranteed online appointment with your chosen doctor or diagnostic lab in seconds. Not just that, you can view all the charges associated with your visit like consultation fee, treatment fee, hospital charges, and diagnosis fee in one place and at discounted prices to make it easier for you to take an informed decision.

If losing your prescription is one of your biggest nightmares, then WHR is your saviour with its digital pad, a one-of-a-kind innovation that lets doctors write digital prescriptions that are auto-saved and can be accessed easily later on. It also has the feature of uploading old medical prescriptions and medical reports to ensure that all your medical history is available at one place.

Booking an ambulance has never been easier as WHR has a list of all the nearby ambulance service providers contacts listed at one place to make it easier for you to reach them in the event of an emergency. Help is only a button away with the emergency feature of WHR that sends messages to your chosen contacts, nearby doctors and the WHR support team for an immediate response.

If you are split between choosing one hospital and the other, WHR gives you the option of comparing the hospitals in terms of their fees, their infrastructure and the services provided by them.

WHR keeps all the information about your health insurance at one place through which you can check the policy coverage for different ailments under various hospitals at a glance. If you don’t have health insurance yet, WHR provides you information about various health policies and makes the purchase of health insurance an easy affair.

For an all-round healing touch, WHR has a plethora of information pertaining to effective treatments available for different diseases in alternative medicine like Ayurveda and homeopathy, the latest trends and developments in health care technology, and information about first-aid in the media of text, audios and videos to train you in primary health care. Additionally, you can use WHR to read helpful articles about how to have a healthier lifestyle by incorporating exercises, yoga and balanced diet in your daily life.

As part of its first phase, WHR is currently available only in Pune but plans are on to take it to different cities around the country and your city could be the next one!


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